Adidas Page Takeover


Page loads as normal, with adidas branding in the 300×250 and 728×90 spots.



Page splits down the middle and appears to push open like a closet door.









ESPN page is completely overlaid by interactive experience. this unit features a navigation menu, video player, multiple clickthroughs, and is hot for interaction with featured products.



After navigating to blue room.



After navigating to black room.



Each room contains several featured products which pulse softly to indicate that they are interactive. upon mousing over an interactive item, a descriptive panel pops out with detailed information and photography. each room also contains a specially featured product. upon interaction with this product a video player slides in on the right side featuring alpha channeled video of eric gordon interacting with the product. this video was shot specifically for the online unit.




unit also features a video player to watch the accompanying commercial.